HardCorps FarmiCorps #06

Meet Alyssa! 

“I am from Upstate New York. I joined AmeriCorps to travel, experience a year of service, and help pay off my current student loans. My original plan after the program was to go back to college. I’ve recently decided though that it will be an opportune time to travel and pursue my music career, what I’ve always wanted to do. Working for an organic farm has been an eye opening experience for me. I’ve never realized how much work goes into growing organic food. It has made me appreciate companies that do sell organic products and how it is worth every penny.”

Being at Ridgewood Ranch has been such an incredible and inspiring experience for me. From the people to the land, it is the most beautiful place I have ever lived in and worked for. I have never been so content with where my life will take me because of this place and the peace it has brought me. I chose to sing this song to represent how I’ve felt since arriving on the Ridgewood Ranch.

-Written by Alyssa Rodriguez of AmeriCorps NCCC


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