HardCorps FarmiCorps #07

Meet Annie! 

“Hey guys! My name is Annie Windholz, and I am from Manhattan, Kansas. I joined AmeriCorps NCCC to become more involved in community service and non profit work, as well as to travel and meet new people. After the program I plan on traveling and working abroad, though I am not sure quite what that will entail, or where I will be headed. Since joining the program I have really begun to see what a difference people can make when they put their energy together- and that everyone has the ability to change the world everyday. Working on an organic farm has made me so much more aware of where my food comes from, and the questions to begin asking when buying food. I’ve also become more aware of the relationship between environmental health and human health. When we don’t take care of the Earth, we are not taking care of ourselves.”

“The daily dose of sunshine we are getting while working with the Grange Farm School has been amazing. It’s February and I have to remember to put sunscreen on every morning.”

-Written by Annie Windholz of AmeriCorps NCCC


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