HardCorps FarmiCorps #08

Meet George! 

“Hello, my name is George Kassabgi and I am an AmeriCorps NCCC member. I am from the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts and I am currently 19 years old. I joined AmeriCorps after graduating high school and deciding to take action in a gap year before pursuing higher education. My plans for after the program are still undecided, yet narrowed down to either another year of AmeriCorps City Year or attending college in California. My initial thoughts toward AmeriCorps are different than what I expected for the type of work I would be getting involved in. The overall structure and order of the program, however, are what I expected. Working on an organic farm has most definitely impacted my life in a few major ways. Learning from well educated and experienced sponsors like Ruthie King, Tim Ward, Fallon Johnson all from the Farm School, Rachel Britten from Ecology Action, and Ellen Bartholomew from Christ’s Church of the Golden Rule, I have realized that farming takes a lot of efficient hard work, experimentation, problem solving, and patience. Being introduced to new ways of farming and also working on various projects has made me appreciate the techniques and methods of agriculture.”

Here I have a few pictures of a small project I worked on. There is a before, during, and end result picture of painting primer on tent platforms. These are made for the housing of the upcoming students at The Grange Farm School.

-Written by George Kassabgi of AmeriCorps NCCC


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