Meet the Team: James Edmondson!

Hi, my name’s James. James Edmondson. I was born in LA but thankfully moved up north to spend my childhood in Santa Rosa; a tantalizing compromise of progressive thinking and pseudo-city living. There I remained until January 2015 when a blooming interest in regenerative living brought me a few hours north to the fertile lands of Mendocino County. Before long I got hip with the Grange Farm School and am now an intern of livestock and infrastructure.

Farming’s quite “chill”! I find the most fulfilled activity is that which directly sustains the bodies and minds of your self and those around you. In a sense it transcends the ominous ‘work’ label to a realm of straightforward input-output: 40 hours of weed whacking = a non incinerated home, long days in the field = food, etc..

On top of that, now is an amazing time to begin farming from two main perspectives: 1) The minute and decreasing population of farmers are eager and willing to pass on their wisdom to the young folk and 2) It looks as though the current food system is due to collapse within the next few decades. Alas!

So the goal here is to find ways of resource management that leave no imbalances on either side of the equation. Food in our bellies and ecologies left thriving seems like the best outcome.DSC_1419


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