Hello From the Summer 2015 Term of Farm School!!

The incredible accumulation of energy inputted into the 12 acres of Grange Farm School programming and growth finally culminated in a LAUNCH on June 1, 2015! 
One very short month has zipped by since welcoming of the new class of students; and boy have we been busy!

In the first week we covered Ecology, Holistic Management, Nuts and Bolts, (Scratching the surface of) Soil Science, Blogging, and Animal Anatomy! A theme we come back to again and again is that diversity is key, observation and questioning are skills of great importance, and that a holistic view of the whole picture is the most successful angle for decision making.

Our second, third, and fourth weeks have been packed full of work on infrastructure, developing a smooth livestock process and understanding animal behavior, maintaining and harvesting our summer garden, irrigation and plumbing, small engine repair, the basics of running a farm business, history of and modern agricultural systems… the list goes on!

IMG_1050We’ve taken multiple field trips to visit local community businesses that support or are part of the local food scene. On that list includes, Bountiful Gardens Seed Company, Sanhedrin Nursery, Wowser, Grange Commercial Kitchen, Fortunate Farm, Sakina’s Nursery, Farmer’s Markets, and the Mendocino coast to learn about wild harvesting of seaweed and farming in our area’s microclimates.

Students are working and learning with us to plant out our wholesale crops, build shelter for our pastured poultry operation, market the school and produce, and generate healthy living systems.  Their input and creativity is fueling the further growth and development here, their imprint will be seen and felt for years to come! How exciting to have so many minds and hands participating in the start up of the Grange Farm School.


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