Where are we needed most?

Written by Elisha Allgood : June 2015 Practicum Student

Field of Possibilities

My name is Elisha. I want to make a difference. I want to be part of the solution to all the problems of conventional agriculture, such as the heavy use of chemical fertilizers, toxic water runoff, and overall unsustainable practices. But as someone new to farming, I find myself struggling to figure out where I fit in. There are so many aspects that go into sustainable farming, not to mention what I should even be growing! I’ve started to list out the farming eco system that I’m seeing based on my few weeks here. My question is simple: where are we needed most?

  • Seeds – creating quality organic seeds with good varieties for local climate
  • Compost / Amendments – creating compost rich in organic matter and minerals
  • Soil Maintenance – creating structure, biodiversity of microorganisms, and moisture retention
  • Plants – creating new varieties, planting different varieties for local communities, plant starts
  • Garden Design – better design for production, water conservation, productivity
  • Harvesting & Processing – better or more equipment and labor, new varieties of processed foods
  • Livestock – managing pasture, growing feed, more processing, better management
  • Land Management for positive ecological impact
  • Education – teaching others how to grow
  • Marketing – teaching the public about what to eat 

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