Monday Morning Ritual

IMG_2970We arise to the call of the trumpet, a sound which promises coffee, breakfast, and a new week at the Grange Farm School. Gathered around our outdoor dinning gazebo we discuss our week past and week to come. With an oversized calendar laid out on the table we fill each square with daily doings.

Here is a look into our week, already well underway…


  • Field work, prepping beds for cover crop
  • Mid term student check ins with Ruthie King and Tim Ward
  • Doug Mosel gives a demonstration of and lesson on combining beans and millet in the field

Class: Irrigation part 2 with Tim Ward


  • Poultry Processing Workshop 9 am – 2:30 pm, open to community
  • Students demonstrate and lead chicken processing with community members

Class: Raising and Butchering Broilers with Ruthie King, Cooking lesson on how to prepare and cook a chicken with Annie Waters


  • Continue processing chickens
  • Overnight field trip to Live Power Community Farm in Covelo, a draft powered, biodynamic, community sustained agriculture farm

Class: Biosecurity and Animal Welfare with Ruthie King, Draft powered horses with Stephen Decatur


  • Continued field trip in Covelo- tour of Covelo Organic
  • Students selling GFS produce at the farmers market in Willits


  • Field work: harvest and press apples, sow garlic and cover crop
  • Hot Buttered Rum playing a benefit show at Little Lake Grange!

Class: Levers of Profitability with John Keleher of West Company, a non profit organization providing free consultation to business owners

Happy Halloween!!!


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