Happy Holistic New Year!

With new years resolutions just beginning to sink in, we encourage you to add another: to think holistically, act holistically, and manage your land holistically. If you want to learn more about holistic management, there are some really incredible opportunities coming up including more from Holistic Management International, and a collaborative workshop between the Savory Institute’s  Jefferson Hub with Mark Shepard, famed for his work in restoration agriculture. 

We just completed part 1 of our first workshop series, Whole Ranch/Farm Business Planning taught by Richard King of Holistic Management International. In the first two days we focused on a writing Holistic Goals, a framework for testing decisions, financial and time management practices, and conflict resolution.

But don’t worry, there is more coming up! There is a Whole Farm/Ranch Land Planning session starting in February with room still to sign up.

DATES: February 20-21, March 5-6, March 16-17, 2016
TOPIC: Improving Land Productivity with Holistic Management
LOCATION: The Grange Farm School, Willits, California
REGISTRATION: $100 per person, scholarships available

For a workshop that combines these theories of Holistic Management with restoration agriculture practices, permaculture, and agroforestry, the Ridgewood Ranch Holistic Management and Permaculture Workshop might be right for you.  

Join us for a combined Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture design course with  Mark Shepard of New Forest Farm.

Mark is the founder and President of the Restoration Agriculture Institute, and CEO of Forest Agriculture Enterprises. He teaches Agroforestry and Permaculture worldwide and has also written the book, Restoration Agriculture. He runs New Forest Farm, the 106-acre perennial agricultural savannah, considered by many to be one of the most ambitious sustainable agriculture projects in the United States.

The workshop is hosted by Ridgewood Ranch and the Grange Farm School.   For the first time, Spencer Smith from the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management and Mark Shepard of New Forest Farm will be teaming up to teach a combined Holistic Management and Regenerative Ag Design course in Mendocino County at Ridgewood Ranch.  This 3-day intensive course will cover a variety of tools for the farm that will increase production and profitability while improving the soil and protecting your landscape from drought, flood and fire.

The workshop includes:

  •  Tools to increase the profitability of your farm with holistic financial planning and decision making
  • Keyline surveying and design for water flow and management on the farm
  • Poly-culture agroforestry for bio-intensive production
  • Transitioning from annual to perennial food systems
  • Integrating livestock into perennial systems with holistic planned grazing

At this workshop we will teach you how to create a land plan that will transform your landscape into a biologically active, income producing, regenerative farming operation. 

We are offering a early-bird discount of $500 for the first 15 registrants and we will be capping the event at 35 people to ensure that we will be giving adequate one on one attention to all of our guests.

Date: March 18, 19, 20, 2016
Time: 9 am to 4 pm each day


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