Ode to the New Sheep Door

The dark’d come, and the gang was away,
so Daniel was on duty to put the sheep in the hay.
He filled up the tin bucket with alfalfa pellet
and shooked and shaked it like a vigorous zealot.
The sheep raised their brows
with looks of keen satisfaction
and Daniel thought, “this is it! the moment!
The precise, proper reaction!”
So he led them on gamely
into the coop once for chickens
and they followed him lamely
like some good accounting on Quickens.
Kumquat and Canteloupe and Valla all trotted, with
Morgoth and Bjork and Swams, into spaces alloted.
Until just Heckla remained,
that rebellious old hag of a beast,
Unwilling to move from just to the east
of the now closed coop,
where the other sheep baa’ed,
and ran round in a loop.
While Daniel and Morgoth stared down
the other with eye-daggers quite chilling,
Kumquat arranged a team of the willing
to headbutt the door down off its hinges
and bust out that coop in escape to the fringes.

Lucky for all, sheep ain’t the brightest
and they ran straight to the other coop
with a door that’s the tightest.
But you know what they say about sheep (and not boar),
that two coops are better than one when it comes to their strictures,
so next day James and Daniel built a new door,
and here are the pictures:

IMG_4427IMG_4425 (1)



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