Back on the Beat

Back on the farm beat while spring brings us sunshine and the urge of labor days in the field.  With my soil test in hand and a workshop with restoration agriculture monolith Mark Shepard in mind, I’ve followed some clues in the soil (low calcium, the need for better water penetration and tilth) along with the suggestions of A&L labs to apply gypsum with the near arrival of whale compost.  There is only so much one can do in a season to get the soil to the place one wants.  It takes careful observation and time to establish a system that makes best use of the water table, the biology and chemistry in the soil, and succession plantings that make sense and produce healthy plants while maintaining fertility and keeping the soil covered.  Observation, prioritizing, and timing frame the approach to getting a healthy garden rolling.  I’m in the middle of potting up my tomatoes and replacing them with flats of brassicas in my small hoop-house.  This is exciting.  In a month or so we’ll be eating some Black Krim’s and Striped German’s!  Got to get back to the beat so till next time enjoy the sunshine…


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