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The Grange Farm School is dedicated to teaching the next generation of responsible, innovative, and successful farmers. We are strong believers in experimental education and our Practicum Student Program is built upon that philosophy. A combination of hands-on field work instruction with rigorous academic curriculum provide an environment for students to learn the foundations  of integrated crops and livestock operations, business management, industrial arts, sustainable technologies and ecological restoration.

We are now seeking applicants for the 2016 Grange Farm School Practicum Student Program, a 14-week residential program for aspiring farmers.

We offer two seasonal programs in April, and in July and each one will give students the opportunity to work in our 7 acre vegetable and pasture production field, learn from our 2 acre diverse orchard, work with and tour the local farm community, and build and develop the infrastructure for the farm and school. Field work is complemented by lessons on a range of topics from composting methodology to animal behavior, from marketing strategies to framing simple structures.

More information can be found on our official website www.grangefarmschool.org

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