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Apply now for the 2016 Grange Farm School Practicum Student Program, a 14-week residential program for aspiring farmers.


→ Download Application ←

Please download the application to your computer and while doing so, give it
your name, like George_Washington.docx  
To complete your application, you will tab from field to field.
Type your contact  information in the grey boxes.
For the check boxes, press the space bar to mark your selection.
For the essay questions and references, type where it says ‘click to enter text’ and start typing.

When you’re all done, save your application (so you have a copy).
Email it to, or print a copy and send it to
Grange Farm School
16200 N. Hwy 101
Willits, CA  95490

For more information about the Practicum Student Program, visit our website.

The Grange Farm School’s Practicum Student Program aims to prepare the whole farmer, with a curriculum covering agricultural production skills, industrial arts, marketing and business skills essential to a profitable farm. Practicum Students earn college credits for internships through Mendocino College, and have the option to live on site. They may enroll in a second session, during which independent work on a Capstone Project will be a central part of the curriculum.

Students accepted to this coming year’s program will have the unique opportunity to participate in the start-up phases of a working farm and non-profit educational project. The work completed by students will provide in depth and experiential knowledge of the challenges that go into creating a new farm from scratch. Students will help operate a 2 acre market garden, tend both layer and broiler chickens, install irrigation systems, and more. Other significant tasks will include building some of the infrastructure for the school, including student facilities, a tractor shed, and a hoop house.

Field trips to neighboring farms on some weekends will be an important component of the curriculum. Students are required to participate in all phases of the program, including shifts at weekend chores, shared kitchen and other housekeeping duties. Concurrent enrollment in Work Experience Education program with Mendocino College or a similar program is offered for credit.

Tuition is $2,500 per 14-week term, and many scholarships are available. Students have the option to live on-site for $1,500 per 14-week term. Housing includes a shared kitchen, bath, library, and commons. Students are provided with individual sleeping space in wall tents on platforms surrounding the house. Food will include basic staples and farm goods for three meals per day. Cooking and cleaning chores will be shared.

Download the application, return with three references. An interview will be scheduled.

3 thoughts on “Apply Now!

  1. Hello,
    I hope this message finds you very well. After 10 years of work experience in travel management, I decided to be a farmer and interested organical production, but before start up my own investment, I would like to enroll in your program. Please let me know what I need to do as next step.
    Thanks and kind regards
    Ugurhan Konuk

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